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Our Story

Trio Marie Soldat was founded in 2017 by three internationally  renowned musicians based in Amsterdam: Keiko Shichijo (fortepiano), Cecilia  Bernardini (violin) and Marcus van den Munckhof (cello). They were brought  together by their shared interest and love for the historical performance practices of the Classical and Romantic piano trio repertoire, as well as for the  original instruments. 

Throughout the years, they have deepened and consolidated their  knowledge and practice of the nineteenth-century playing techniques, assisted  by musicologist Clive Brown and pianist/musicologist Neal Peres da Costa.  Some of the expressive features inherent to nineteenth-century practice that  they incorporate in their playing are portamento, a sparing use of vibrato,  tempo flexibility, tempo rubato and arpeggiation or dislocation of chords in the  piano. The trio performs extensively throughout Europe, and often incorporates  explanations to the audience of the unique characteristics of their research and  performance style. 

The name Trio Marie Soldat was inspired by the outstanding nine teenth-century violinist Marie Soldat-Roeger, who played in the tradition of the  French violin school, which influenced many violinists and composers through out the century. There are only a few recordings available of Soldat’s playing,  which have been a valuable added source of inspiration and reference in the  trio’s quest for the nineteenth-century performance practice. 

In October 2021, the first CD of Trio Marie Soldat will be released from Linn Records, Outhere. 

Marie Soldat-Roeger


Cecilia Bernardini
Marcus van den Munckhof
Keiko Shichijo
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